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Security Resource Center

The Snowbit Security Resource Center (SRC) complements the Snowbit xDR platform and has a team of experienced security analysts, researchers, threat hunting and incident response professionals who function 24/7 as your ‘Always On’ extended security team.

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Respond to Threats Quickly and Decisively

Proactively monitor security and compliance posture, address sophisticated threats, and accelerate threat remediation. Get guided incident responses from Snowbit’s experts and save up to 50% on your security spend.

SRC Snowbit Architecture

More than a Traditional SOC

  • Security researchers embedded at L3, along with L1 and L2 security analysts
  • Streaming SIEM: Expertise in managing Snowbit’s in-stream xDR platform
  • Automated pen-testing, threat hunting, security reviews, and advisory 
  • Equipped with tools like malware sandboxes and labs
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Comprehensive Security For Your Cloud Environment

  • 24×7 monitoring with a dedicated POC and ticketing system
  • Investigation, correlation, triage, remediation, and recommendations 
  • Covers Cloud Infra, SaaS apps, EDRs, WAFs, IDPs, IDSs, VPNs, and MDMs.
  • Automated pen-testing both from an internal and external perspective
  • Periodic security reviews to manage ongoing compliance requirements
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Environment-Specific SRC Expertise

Security services specific to your cloud environment and industry.

  • Pre-built playbooks and run-books to integrate with customer use cases
  • Custom alerts and dashboard configuration and optimizations
  • Broad range of certifications in cloud infrastructure, OSCP,  CCNP, etc.
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Simple and Cost-Effective Pricing

  • Slab based pricing model based on the amount of data ingested and being reviewed by the SRC. Absolutely nothing else!
  • Get the value of an in-house team of 7-10 Full Time Resources at just 25% of the cost
  • Save on managing data volumes and the overheads of maintaining and training a dedicated team
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