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Snowbit is a cybersecurity technology innovator with a vision to empower organizations across the globe to quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively secure themselves against omnipresent and growing cyber risks.

Join us on our journey to build a world-class security offering to cover the most complex applications against modern cyber risk.

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We are building a global security resource center to provide 24/7 risk management services.

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We pride ourselves on rewarding great work with great compensation.

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We are building a global team of security analysts, researchers, threat hunting & incident response professionals, architects, developers, DevOps engineers, integration engineers, and more.

Join us in our journey to build a world-class cybersecurity offering.

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Sr. Security Developer

Bengaluru, India · Full-time

About The Position

Snowbit is a cybersecurity technology innovator with a vision to empower organizations  across the globe to quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively ready themselves to address  omnipresent cyber risk. Built off years of Israeli cybersecurity experience, Snowbit is looking  to offer the broadest managed detection and response offering available today. 

Snowbit is part of the Coralogix group, with Coralogix rebuilding the path to observability by  offloading the burden of indexing and providing deep insights, at an infinite scale, for less  than half the cost. 

As a Senior Security Developer, you will work closely with Security architects, security  researchers, data scientists, UI/UX developers and the broader Coralogix R&D team to  develop and evolve our security platform offerings to detect and respond to a plethora of  security related insights. Our current stack – AWS, Go, Python, Bash, Angular and  Elasticsearch.

What you will do 

1. Develop highly performant services for analysing raw network traffic 

2. Develop tools and components as AWS Lambdas (and their equivalents on other clouds) for processing security related events 

3. Develop tools and services for evaluating the current security posture of an organization by evaluating its cloud services’ configuration 

4. Develop cutting-edge tools for analysing encrypted traffic together with security researchers and data scientists


1. Strong software development skills - Strong experience in developing multi-threaded, robust applications especially in the cyber security world in Go, Python, Bash, Lua is  required. C++ is a plus 

2. Strong knowledge and experience in developing containerized applications and  especially microservices is a big plus 

3. Knowledge in secure code development is mandatory 

4. Some knowledge in static file analysis using tools like Yara is a plus. 

5. Keen and eager to learn - This job will also require you to quickly and efficiently learn on your own about security, observability, software development, and more 

6. Strong security and networking background - Strong knowledge about common network protocols such as DNS, HTTP, TCP/IP, TLS/SSL, SSH, SMTP, etc. and their potential security.

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