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Snowbit is a cybersecurity technology innovator with a vision to empower organizations across the globe to quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively secure themselves against omnipresent and growing cyber risks.

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Software Engineer- GoLang Open Source

Tel-Aviv, Israel · Full-time

About The Position

Coralogix is rebuilding the path to observability using a real-time streaming analytics pipeline that provides monitoring, visualization, and alerting capabilities without the burden of indexing.

By enabling users to define different data pipelines per use case, we provide deep Observability and Security insights, at an infinite scale, for less than half the cost.

Coralogix is hiring Open Source Engineer to join our growing Platform Engineering Group.

As an Open Source Engineer, you will help build and improve all the data-source connected to Coralogix SaaS, helping us enrich our offer to our customers.

At Coralogix, an Open Source Engineer has the following responsibilities:

  • Build and design agents to send data to Coralogix SaaS
  • Contribute open-source tools to be integrated with Coralogix SaaS
  • Working with R&D management, application engineers, and infrastructure engineers to design and identify customer needs
  • Writing documentation, including writing formal process documentation for internal and external stakeholders and writing answers to customer integration questionnaires.
  • Be a front of the Kubernetes eco system

If you're interested in contributing to open-source, you'll find Coralogix a great workplace. We are big believers in the open-source ecosystem and have released multiple libraries as open source. We encourage our engineers to structure our infrastructure such that we can open source significant parts of it and support them in submitting talks to conferences about these projects.


  • 3+ years of experience with GoLang ( but it is fine if you are coming from a different technology stack and are willing to learn Go)
  • Strong familiarity with Linux containers and container infrastructure. At least 1 years of work in Kubernetes environments.
  • Strong familiarity with Cloud Providers IaaS offerings and their API
  • Familiarity with the principles of setting up monitoring (including infrastructure-, application-, and security-related monitoring), alerting, and scalable on-call practices.
  • Familiar with Security concepts and tools is an advantage
  • Fluent English (writing and speaking)

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